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Stun Guns

Stun Guns for Sale

Find exclusive deals on a wide variety of name-brand stun devices at very competitive prices. First Rate Security is an Authorized Dealer for all stun guns featured here. In stock, we carry a wide variety of these self defense devices: high to low voltage, rechargeable or battery operated; in black and pink; disguised as cell phones or flashlights. Check our brand names: Stun Master, Streetwise, Zap, or Taser.
Stun Guns could save your life! Visit any of the product selections below.

We carry only new and the best stun guns for sale for your optimal protection!

Read the related Stun Gun Laws.

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Use any of these very effective self defense devices as a deterrent by firing it in the air, or shock the approaching attacker (the shock will NOT pass back to you) and get to a safe place.

All these devices have a safety switch that allows you to avoid accidental discharge. You will find here solutions to threats you may face, at extremely competitive prices. Our stock of products includes a great variety of shock voltages, shapes (straight, curved), disguised designs (cell phone, flashlight, pen), and colors (black or pink). Most units come with durable holsters.

Some of our brand name manufacturers offer Lifetime Warranty, Limited (excluding normal wear and tear).

How Does a Stun Gun Work?
It delivers a high voltage shock when its metallic probes touch an attacker and the trigger pressed. Then, the shock is immediately transferred into the muscles of the attacker. These start working quickly to counteract the shock disruption. The muscles have to work so quickly that the body blood sugar is turned into lactic acid and depleted, thereby robbing the overworked muscles of much needed energy. The high voltage shock also disrupts neurological impulses that control voluntary muscular movement, usually causing the attacker to fall to the ground. Stun guns or taser guns can disable an attacker for up to several minutes, but because the voltage shock has low amperage, no permanent damage is caused.
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