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Small Fry Stun Guns

Small Fry Stun Guns are powerful and reliable. They are small and easily concealed, a perfect fit for women and men. Use this brand with ease when necessary! Small Fry Stun Guns (a Streetwise brand) are multi feature self defense devices, and their stun voltages range from 11,000,000* to 400,000 volt. A manufacturer Lifetime Warranty (excluding normal wear and tear) is included.

These self defense tools are excellent deterrents as well as strong shocking weapons against criminals. They will fit easily in your pocket or purse. Each one includes a safety switch, and upon firing it discharges incapacitating voltage. An approaching attacker will rethink his bad intentions when he sees the arc between the probes and hears the sound of it. And when touched by these probes he will drop to his knees and his confused and shocked mind will disorient him allowing you to move away safely. These compact stun guns have a large punch!

They come in black or pink, are battery operated (not included) or rechargeable (cord included), and you also get a free heavy duty holster with a belt loop. Many of the Small Fry Stun Guns have a built-in flashlight. A battery operated model requires 3 lithium batteries -- 3 volt, CR123A. Please use only brand name ones which you can get here or elsewhere. You do not want unknown brands or very cheap batteries to fail your self defense device when you need it!

* Actual voltage output is difficult to measure above certain levels, but these units compare to other brands that claim to be at that voltage level.
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