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Barking Dog Alarm, w/Remote - HomeSafe

Barking Dog Alarm, w/Remote - HomeSafe

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Product Description

Advanced Barking Dog Alarm, w/Remote - HomeSafe

Use two concepts of crime prevention to drive criminals away: Deterrence and Illusion. When a criminal hears vicious dog barking inside the house he is trying to enter, chances are that he will not risk being attacked himself.

This multi feature electronic barking dog alarm operates as a detection radar. It can be set to produce a range of alarms: vicious dog barking, chime, barking dog and alarm.

This home alarm:

  • Will detect motion through wood, cement, brick, glass, etc.
  • Will Not detect through metal walls or metal doors, or electrical objects (such as generators), or very thick walls.
  • Is designed to be placed Indoors.
  • Can be turned On (start movement detection mode) or Off (cancel detection mode) from the comfort of your sofa or chair by using the included remote congtrol
  • Needs to be placed above the floor on a small bench, table, shelf, etc. for optimal performance
  • Just point it in the direction you want to detect and turn it on.

    Use this home alarm as an alarm hub that can be connected to and triggered by multiple sensors, vibration and motion are two examples.

    It is powered through an 110 volt (standard in the US) AC power adaptor (included). For other voltage systems you will need a converter/transformer (not included). This alarm has a power back-up with 8 AA batteries (not included) to continue functioning during a power loss.


  • Detection distance: about 6 to 8 ft through walls; up to 20 ft with clear line of sight
  • To gain more detection distance add the Wireless Motion Sensor
  • Detection area: 150 degrees
  • Detection sensitivity and the barking or chime volume are adjustable
  • Alert Modes: Bark/Chime/Alarm
  • 9 inch high
  • Unit includes ARM and Low Battery LEDs
  • Detection through wood, cement, brick, glass, etc. Detection is limited from the sides or the rear. Will not detect through metal walls or metal doors, or electrical objects (such as generators), or ultra thick walls
  • RF Remote Control for Arm/Disarm/Panic (included)
  • The Remote Control will turn the detection mode On or Off from a distance of up to 50 ft (clear line of sight is assumed). Get an extra Remote for this alarm as back up
  • To protect your windows and doors add the Vibration Detection Sensor
  • This barking dog alarm will support up to 16 wireless sensors


  • Barking Dog Alarm unit
  • Remote Control
  • AC Adaptor 110 volt
  • Manual

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