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Dummy Camera - Buyer Guide

Here is a step by step guide to selecting the right Dummy Security Camera(s) for your application:

1. Determine if you will use dummy cameras in addition to a real surveillance system. This will help you decide which style and shapes you need.

2. Certain models tend to be used more in certain situations. For example, the dome cameras that you see in department stores will look out of place hung over your back door.

3. Look for real glass lenses in the fake security camera. Although this feature will cost a little more it is a convincing detail of your fake camera. Plastic lenses, especially flat, non-curved lenses, do not look right and criminals do notice those details.

4. Select a model with a visible red function light. The red light serves two purposes: it attracts attention to the camera, ensuring that a would be criminal sees it, and the red light convinces an observer that the camera is on and filming.

5. Choose a weather proof housing if you are planning on mounting the camera outdoors. A credible weather proof housing appears sturdy enough to shield the camera from rain and moisture while not obstructing the view of the lens.

6. Select a dummy security camera that has a sturdy mounting bracket. A bracket that does not look adequate to support the weight of the camera (the real one) will be noticed by criminals.

7. Budget - expect to pay about 15% to 25% of the price of a real surveillance camera for a similar dummy one.

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